Meet Thoi – COPY

thoiThoi Vo

I was born in Vietnam after the fall of the South Vietnamese government. My mother—a fashion designer with an eye for color, shapes and textures—considered my birth to be a good omen and named me “Thoi”, which means “lucky.”

When I was 13 I moved in with my uncle, a sculptor. I watched him take natural objects – wood, clay, and stone – and peel away the layers to reveal what he knew would lie underneath. It was like being part of an exciting secret. He used to say, “I try to let the raw materials present themselves naturally, almost as if they are whispering to me.”

After studying design in Italy, New York and Los Angeles, I took what I’ve learned from my family and have developed my own personal expression through natural objects. I only use high quality materials and hand-cut, natural gemstones. I personally select the stones I work with, and some are cut especially for me.


Since designer Thoi Vo founded the company in 2000, it has collaborated with top catalog retailers, such as Red Envelope and Sundance, among others. The jewelry has been featured in InStyle, Cosmopolitan, and Shape, as well as popular television programs (“Days of Our Lives,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Weeds”). Many wonderful, successful, beautiful women wear the jewelry, including popular celebrities … and YOU!